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Laptop and Samsung Free Essays

A. Official Summary This paper is centered around Samsung Electronics Co. , and it has four significant product offerings. We will compose a custom paper test on PC and Samsung or on the other hand any comparative point just for you Request Now Computerized Media line produces advanced hardware for both individual and business employments. Media transmission line produces assortment of cell phones and gracefully to bearers; LCD line delivers level screen screens utilized on TVs, cellphones and PCs. Last, semiconductors product offering produces memory chips utilized on PCs and PDAs. For every product offerings, we will discuss their history, records of accomplishment, dangers and openings, and suggestions. In conclusion, we will give proposals with respect to how the organization ought to create itself to be increasingly alluring to financial specialists. B. Presentation Samsung was established in 1938 and are situated in Seoul, South Korea. The founder’s name is Byun-Chull Lee. â€Å"Samsung† implies â€Å"three stars† in Korean. It began as an exchanging send out organization. In 1969, they became Samsung Electronics Co. Furthermore, presently it has gotten one of the biggest innovation organizations known around the world (Samsung Electronics, 2011). It is generally known for its leader items; the Galaxy cell phone and its LCD screens. Samsung turned into a traded on an open market organization in 2000. It has four significant lines of business, Digital Media, Telecommunications, LCD, and Semiconductors. C. Four Lines of Business 1. Computerized Media Digital media is the line of business that comprises of all of Samsung’s advanced buyer items, both home and individual use. These items incorporate; PCs, MP3 players, cameras, TVs, and home machines. Samsung advances creative plans, select world-driving items, and force proficient items. Computerized media comprised of 37% of all deals in 2010 (Sustainability Report, 2012). Samsung Distribution Channel iframe class=wp-inserted content sandbox=allow-contents security=restricted style=position: outright; cut: rect(1px, 1px, 1px, 1px); src= technique of-samsung/implant/#?secret=8LJZUo8kbo information secret=8LJZUo8kbo width=500 height=282 title=#8220;Samsung Distribution Channel#8221; #8212; Free Essays - frameborder=0 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 scrolling=no/iframe As should be obvious from the chart beneath is was most of Samsung’s deals. In the 1970’s, Samsung came out with its first high contrast TVs, clothes washers, fridges, and before the decade's over shading TVs. In the 1980’s, Samsung was showcasing climate control systems, PCs, and the world’s littlest video recording device. Since the 1990’s, Samsung’s development blasted. They came out with the world’s first advanced TV, the world’s first Blu-beam plate player, the world’s first HD camcorder, and the world’s most slender TV (About Samsung, 2012). Samsung likewise drove the home diversion business into the 3D advertise. Advanced media’s record of accomplishment is unquestionably noteworthy. Its business numbers have expanded by around 4 billion USD. Sadly, the benefits are exceptionally low contrasted with its deals. This is expected to Samsung’s high interest in innovative work. You can see the distinction among deals and benefits in the chart demonstrated as follows. The greatest hazard for the advanced media line of business is whether the huge interests in innovative work will pay off against its contending items. Numerous electronic organizations put intensely in making better items and imbedding creative innovation in them, so the opposition is extremely high for this line of business. The main route for an organization to be effective is getting its items in the most consumers’ hands. So that is the reason Samsung contributes around 6. 2% of complete deals into innovative work (Sustainability Report, 2012). This empowers Samsung to guarantee that its items are of the best quality, have the most creative innovation, give advantageous and propelled includes, and have a smart plan. Innovative work will consistently be perhaps the greatest speculation of an effective innovation organization. Samsung should proceed with its high speculations to make sure about its place as the pioneer in innovation and development in this industry. Since Samsung is a worldwide pioneer in innovation, it should utilize this favorable position to lead the rest to the following degree of development. Samsung has as of now lead others in the 3D home diversion business now it has the chance to go further and make further developed items that will lead its purchasers to a further developed and advantageous way of life. 2. Media communications Samsung Telecommunications is one significant line of Samsung Electronics. It is known as Samsung portable and remote, which gives an assortment of individual and business correspondences creations, for example, cell phones, tablets, and remote foundation types of gear (Samsung, 2011). In 1988, Samsung Electronics converged with media transmission, which at that point turned into a product offering of Samsung Electronics (Company history, 2012. ). In 1986, Samsung discharged its initially implicit vehicle telephone, yet it bombed because of the poor products’ characteristics. However, the organization didn't abandon media transmission product offering. In 1992, Samsung built up its own cell phone frameworks. In 1997, they created world’s littlest CDMA cell phone (Company history, 2012). Samsung turned into the pioneer in the individual interchanges administration advertise. Samsung Electronics has been effective since the organization exhausted business into worldwide market. Samsung ventured out sent out its own telephones to Sprint, an American CDMA transporter, and afterward Samsung stretched out into GSM advertise. The company’s telephones are good with the systems of driving remote specialist organizations, including ATT, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon Communications. It has fueled Samsung’s development in the broadcast communications industry. The top rated Galaxy S cell phones was propelled in 2011. It has been sold in excess of 20 million units around the globe. In 2012, Samsung Electronics was positioned the seventeenth of worldwide 500 organizations by the Financial Times (Samsung yearly report, 2012). By end of second quarter 2012, Samsung Electronics represented 330 million or 21. 2% of overall interest of cell phones (Samsung yearly report, 2011). (See Fig. 1. ) Fig. 1. Samsung Smartphone Market partakes in 2011: 19. 9% (Samsung) The significant hazard was patent claims. Samsung Electronics has associated with claims in excess of 10 nations among Samsung and Apple (Wingfield, 2012). Open door for Samsung is that association with more transporters, which would help Samsung Telecommunication to grow their business and piece of the overall industry. The proposals for Samsung media transmission is that attention on interesting innovation plan. I feel that won't just assistance Samsung stay away from claims, yet in addition increment the piece of the overall industry and client eminence. 3. Samsung’s LCD Display A fluid gem show (LCD) is a level screen that is made of a slim fluid precious stone layer in the center. LCDs are utilized in a wide range of utilizations, for example, TVs, cell phones, PCs and PCs. LCD screen has been outstanding amongst other selling results of Samsung, yet it despite everything faces dangers and needs some improvement to pull in more clients (Mote, Stansell, Greenland, 2010). Bit et al. (2010) express that Samsung made LCD innovation in 1991. The LCD board was first utilized for PCs appeared at a world exchange occasion Japan. The primary LCD show for PC 9. 3 inches. In 2002, Samsung presented a 54-inch computerized LCD TV screen the biggest LCD TV on the planet around then. Today, Samsung is the most renowned LCD creator in the worldwide market (Mote, Stansell, Greenland, 2010). As indicated by â€Å"About Samsung† (2012), Samsung continued the most noteworthy benefit among LCD fabricates over the world in 2007. In 2009, Samsung turned into the main organization that sold in excess of ten million LCD TVs in the principal half of the year and in excess of 5,000,000 LCD boards for each month. Epperson shows that, absolute fragment income of LCD was around 62. 6 trillion U. S dollars in 2011. There were around 330 million offers, and the cost was 1,067 dollars for each offer. Samsung has additionally kept up the biggest piece of the overall industry in the worldwide LCD TVs from the main quarter of 2011 to the second quarter of 2012 (About Samsung, 2012; Epperson, 2012). (Information gathered from www. statista. com) Although the record of achievement of LCDs appears to be extremely exceptional, Samsung is confronting numerous dangers. One of the dangers that Samsung stood up to was about LCD patent encroachment. In 2008, Sharp documented the suit against Samsung in the U. S. Locale Court for abusing its four licenses identified with an innovation to improve the image nature of LCDs. At that point, Sharp extended the suit to South Korea in December of that year. Samsung retaliated around the same time with claims in Japan and the U. S. For certain reasons, Samsung prevailed upon Sharp in Japan, yet lose the case in the U. S. In 2009 US International Trade Commission started to square Samsung LCD items. Samsung likewise faces value war from different genuine contenders, for example, LG, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic. In Standard Poor’s Equity Research, Samsung’s LCD deals are diminishing because of the exceptionally serious costs different contenders offer purchasers (Patel, 2012). Base on â€Å"LexisNexis Academic† (2012), Samsung just made another innovation of LCD called Active-framework OLED (AMOLED). This is another kind of level board show which is exceptionally slim and adaptable. Samsung reported that it will utilize AMOLED to imagine another model of its cell phone named â€Å"Youm†, and the item will be presented toward the start of 2013. This is considered as a splendid

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Warhols Portraits Essay Example For Students

Warhols Portraits Essay A portion of the pictures that were finished by Warhol started with Troy Donahue and Warren Beatty, and Elvis Presley. Afterwards on came Marilynn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy. There was additionally a progression of auto collision pictures done around this time. The Jackie Kennedy pictures were done not long after the death of President Kennedy. They reflected the grieving substance of Jackie that was demonstrated on numerous occasions in the media. There were eight distinct pictures that were totally taken from various papers at that point. The quantity of works in this arrangement is as yet obscure. Hag pg 29 The auto collision pictures had an outrageous measure of variety. They went from having one picture to a canvas to having up to twenty on a similar canvas at once. There are a wide range of hued pictures in this set. The most significant change starting with one then onto the next is the foundation shading. It is hard for pundits to put the beginning of the importance of this arrangement of works. Hag pg 29 The arrangement including the hot seats has an intense political proclamation. It is an image of abuse of legislative sway; it has likewise been thought of and open admission of an insufficiency in social turn of events. Hag About a similar time as the hot seat pictures were being appeared there were numerous other very upsetting arrangements of pictures being appeared. They were of race riots and many were taken straightforwardly from paper articles of the Nazi Germany and Castros upset in Cuba. Hag pg 29 One of the last sequential sets that Warhol made before proceeding onward from painting was of blossoms. The blossoms were created in an extraordinary assortment of sizes and amounts. These were in plain view in 1964. The first blossoms were taken from a ladies magazine. In contrast to the greater part of his previous works, these propagations were cleaned up by hand on the screen. These are additionally extraordinary in that they don't speak to anything to Warhol. They are carefully ornamental. The hues utilized in the artwork arent used to represent anything other than just to bring out shading in adornment. In all there were around 900 of the blossom painting made in Warhols studio, The Factory. These were among the absolute last of Warhols artworks, in an incredible rest he focused on film making. Hag pg 30 During Warhols life his work has been disputable. He has gotten progressively perceived and celebrated after his passing in 1987. I imagine that his motivation for being a craftsman appeared to be unique in relation to that of different craftsmen. Im not persuaded he painted and shot for the love of the workmanship or such a great amount for his motivation in doing it. I think he had a message he needed to get across and this was the medium through which he decided to communicate.

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Market Model Patterns of Change Essay Example for Free

Market Model Patterns of Change Essay 1. Portray the business and clarify the general example of progress of the specific market model Health protection in the United States suppliers speak to serious market since they are various, assortment of decisions, and no single substance has a lot of control over costs. The medical coverage can be considered as fast development industry. As of late, this industry is changing in a fast way and developing into an oligopoly. Protection advertises in numerous states are in the long run controlled and ruled by a couple of enormous firms. There were in excess of 500 wellbeing safety net providers included mergers somewhere in the range of 1998 and 2008 (Bakhtiari, 2010). In spite of the fact that there are several little insurance agencies working in the market, the industry Led by WellPoint, 12 wellbeing plans spread 66% of the enlistment in the U.S. business protection showcase (Bloomberg News, 2010). An investigators report refered to in the article predicts there will be 100 guarantors with around 200,000 individuals could be constrained bankrupt. Littler safety net providers are progressively incapable to put resources into the framework and innovation to viably oversee care (Bakhtiari, 2010). Be that as it may, mergers have been the fundamental force instead of little guarantors leaving business. 2. Conjecture the fundamental short-run and since quite a while ago run practices of the model in the business you have picked in a â€Å"market economy† This paper utilizes Kinked-Demand hypothesis of oligopoly; there is no single hypothesis that clarifies oligopoly conduct. The crimped request model expect that in the event that one firm raises the costs, different firms won't follow to increment. On the off chance that the firm decreases its value, it is accepted that its rivals will stick to this same pattern and lessen their costs also. The outcome is an interest bend for the firm that is wrinkled at the present harmony value (Low, 2000). Accepting this as presumption, a solitary wellbeing back up plan that attempts to raise cost will lose piece of the pie basically on the grounds that different safety net providers are not following, it will endure a deficit sought after on the grounds that the competitors’ costs stay low. In contract, if a solitary firm that cuts costs, the entirety of its rivals will follow to decrease the cost. Therefore, a firm will have a wrinkled interest bend. Firms may work at a benefit in the short-run if interest for the item is high comparative with costs. The firm may power to leave business on the off chance that it can’t produce enough income to try and spread the variable expenses. Thus the model predicts that costs over the long haul ought to be genuinely unbending in an oligopoly. This could show that protection premiums will remain genuinely stable in the medical coverage industry. The crimped request hypothesis proposes there will be cost in these business sectors and the organizations will depend more on non-value rivalry to help deals, income and benefits. The outcome in piece of the overall industry is no addition and relative little increments in amount requested (Low, 2000). 3. Examine at any rate three (3) potential zones for the business that could prompt exchange costs, and clarify each in detail In the medical coverage industry, exchange cost could emerge from procurement costs, process re-appropriating, and expanded item complexity.Acquisition is the cost of requesting and setting new protection business on a company’s books. It incorporates agent’s guaranteeing costs, clinical and credit, report expenses, commissions, and promoting bolster administrations. The critical endeavors are made by insurance agencies to bring down procurement costs due to the opposition. Re-appropriating of procedures may turn into a need when firms get together an ever increasing number of clients because of mergers, the present workforce will not, at this point have the option to deal with employments. At some point, recruiting more representatives could be exorbitant for certain organizations on account of expanding market pay rates; re-appropriating could be the better alternative. Firms should pay extra costs to redistributing firms that procedure application and give client care. This lead to exchange cost. Exchange expenses may likewise emerge from increment item multifaceted nature because of firms develop, union and combination. Items become progressively mind boggling taking into account more sections because of social affair more client; firms increment product offerings. Henceforth, clients should bring about exchange costs in looking or inquisitive for the best item, and in assessing the nature of the administration. 4. Guess about the conduct that could result from these exchanges and propose in any event two (2) techniques for managing them It influences consumers’ conduct for rethinking the wellbeing plan when exchange costs emerge from item multifaceted nature. Any vulnerability emerges from item vulnerability; it alludes to the troubles in deciding the nature of bought items (Thompson, 2004). Shoppers are probably going to ask more data whenever bought administrations will live up to their desires before they buy. Buyers depend on the quality assessment that protection operators or references. This item vulnerability may expand exchange cost. This can be managed by strengthening item quality through publicizing about the items and administrations, meeting with potential clients, and giving preparing to representatives to meet better desire. At the point when exchange costs emerge from authorization and observing, conduct results are vulnerability. Conduct vulnerability alludes to the characteristic troubles looked by purchasers in precisely assessing the legally binding exhibition of insurance agencies (Thompson, 2004). This expands exchange cost as customers invest more energy considering purchasing protection in light of the fact that the cases may against them or over the top arrangement. This can be managed by guaranteeing that potential clients comprehend the idea of the agreement. 5. Gather costs, income information, or other information from the business you consider pertinent. Clarify how you would adjust the information so as to settle on it applicable to choices a chief must make Base of the information from Austin Hungerford, medical coverage showcases in numerous neighborhoods profoundly thought and the activity of market power in concentrated markets for the most part prompts more significant expenses and diminished yield. In the information, clinical misfortune proportions among significant guarantors extend from a low of 70.7% to practically 89%. Some significant business safety net providers have had huge reductions in clinical cost proportions in the previous decade. For instance, CIGNA HealthCare’s clinical misfortune proportion, 86.3% in 2001, tumbled to 70.7% in 2008 (Austin Hungerford, 2009). By and large, clinical misfortune proportions can change significantly starting with one year then onto the next. This clarified by out of the blue high clinical expenses or by forceful evaluating expected to build piece of the overall industry. The above information assist directors with understanding industry attributes superior to a person. It is pertinent to supervisors by uniting the entirety of the clinical misfortune proportion, and joining them in an industry normal. The administrators have a superior vibe for industry midpoints and patterns. 6. Clarify the central point that influence the level of intensity in your industry. Utilize the information to create in any event three (3) measures (e.g., efficiency measures) to show how the business is developing The main factor is the quantity of firms available. On the off chance that there are enormous number of firms work in industry, generally speaking costs will be decreased. The subsequent factor is government guideline which influences the level of seriousness of the medical coverage industry. The third is government gives medical coverage. This can change the whole course of action for wellbeing industry. Private firms might be not able to go up against government’s protection plans. That will influence the general intensity of the business. These measures to show how the business is advancing incorporate normal costs of medical coverage plans, potential purchasers, and by and large normal clinical expenses. Normal cost of medical coverage will show the industrys development by looking at examples of benefit development corresponding to medical coverage costs. The quantity of medical coverage purchasers will help comprehend the development designs in client base, and interest for medical coverage plans. Clinical costs will show the connection between industry developments, expansion of expenses, and increment when all is said in done clinical consideration.

Meeting Ethical Challenges of Leadership †

Question: Talk about the Meeting Ethical Challenges of Leadership. Answer: Presentation Authority in the most straightforward words is both an exploration and useful expertise which envelops the capacity of a person to lead, direct, spur, impact and push the association, groups or the workers towards the satisfaction of the hierarchical objectives and goals. Administration is amazingly basic to the association and pioneers are the prime power mindful to take the association at the Zenith of its industry (Bolman Deal, 2017). The reason for the article here is to examine the significance of adaptability and flexibility in authority relating to various conditions an association faces in its whole excursion. Previously, overabundances of business and political pioneers have changed their authority style to all the more likely suit the objectives of the association or the nation (Northouse, 2018). It is regularly said and seen that pioneers must be profoundly adaptable and versatile to the changing conditions for the bigger enthusiasm of the objectives of the association. Steve Jobs in his underlying days was viewed as a disciplinarian, who couldn't have cared less about the representatives and was focussed exclusively on the expectations of the worker, this put him under a great deal of analysis from the board and his workers (Goleman, 2018).However, during his second excursion with Apple, he understood he needs to change and adjust to the better approaches for authority for the general advancement of the association and his character. It is regularly observed that pioneers who are brimming with themselves and imagine that they know everything far superior to every other person falls hard on the ground(Ward, 2016). Actually, pioneers who are adaptable, participative in their styles, gain from the changing circumstance and adjust as needs be are demonstrated to be far effectiv e than others. Various administration creators and specialists after exhaustive investigation on initiative styles have remarked that it is in every case preferable to have increasingly over one device in the toolbox; adaptability and versatility are extra instruments (Antonakis Day, 2017). Effect of adaptability and versatility in Leadership The previously mentioned contention is unequivocally upheld by the situational hypothesis of authority which gives solid ideas that no administration style is the best, everything relies upon the current circumstance and which sort of initiative style can be best applied to the circumstance to get the normal outcome. The hypothesis further propounds saying that the best heads are the ones who can adjust their style to the evolving circumstance, pick signals for the kind of undertaking, and comprehend the gathering attachment and different components which may add to the accomplishment of the activity (Heifetz Linsky, 2017). Situational initiative is additionally alluded to as Hershey-Blanchard situational administration hypothesis. As indicated by the hypothesis he has portrayed the style into essential four styles of administration. The first is Telling, in this pioneer mentions to the individuals what must be done and how precisely it must be finished. The subsequent style is of se lling; in this style chiefs offer their plans to their supporters. The third style being participative in nature, in this pioneers provide less of guidance and permit the progression of thoughts from the workers, enabling representatives fundamentally help the organization in uniting the whole organization. The fourth style of initiative is designating in nature, this includes the gathering individuals to assume responsibility and liability of their own activities. As per the hypothesis an all the more telling style is required toward the start of the task as the devotees are less included along these lines have less obligation towards the undertaking. As and when the workers become acclimated with the undertaking, the style is additionally appointing in nature, and they can take and settle on their own choice for the task, inferring that the administration style embraced from being advising in the underlying stage to being delegative in the later stage. The circumstance approach ad ditionally causes the pioneers to dodge any entanglements of the single styled initiative style, by evaluating the circumstance and the earth; they can without much of a stretch defeat the obstruction by changing their administration style (Renz Herman, 2016). The pioneers can profit enormously by embracing adaptable style of initiative. One of the primary advantages is conquering difficulties by ceaseless learning. Each group and association in its excursion to turn into the best is experienced by plenty of difficulties, which must be taken care of with due steadiness to pulverize and move past them. In such situation, the best system the pioneer can utilize is to kick back and see what is working and what isn't working in the kindness (DuBrin, 2015). Through the idea of learning readiness the pioneer can unite every one of its kin on a typical stage request their input, survey their exhibition, mentor them and find out about what procedure works best for the association. Doing this, the pioneer can adjust to the circumstance and change his authority style to coordinate the new procedure of the association. Jack Welch at GE was pioneer in presenting the learning nimbleness program which set the base for its achievement previously and the future (Johnston Marshall, 2016). Vital arranging is noteworthy, urgent and basic to each association, anyway the odds that the underlying arrangement prompts the ideal outcome is very low. Accordingly, the pioneers must be adaptable to adjust the arrangement to the changed conditions (Tourish, 2014). The current situation with the world is dynamic, with the implantation of computerized advertising, clients have a ton of control on the data accessible on the web, in this manner the pioneers must be on their feet consistently, and change as indicated by the changing elements of the market and the business by and large. An inflexible attitude will prompt only disappointment and disillusionment, the ongoing case of this is the situation of Nokia. The authority was completely inflexible about the changing scene of the cell phone industry, and they were focussed on the past progress system of Nokia, the absence of development, powerlessness to adjust to the changing conditions was the explanation behind the disappointment sometime in the distant past the most celebrated organization on the essence of planet earth(Kornives, 2016). Along these lines, it is extremely significant that pioneers are very adaptable in their methodology, all the more so in the current occasions when the world is changing quickly and plenty of disturbances are advancing each and every day. A lost open door merits an a huge number of dollars, restoring the contention that initiative style must be extremely versatile and adaptable to the evolving conditions (Collinson, 2014). Daniel Goleman, a specialist in the field of Emotional knowledge and initiative in the year 2016 layouts 6 significant administration style and called attention to that none of the style with most extreme guarantee can be said are the best. As per Daniel, a majority rule style may fit in a specific situation, while an order style may be a superior fitment in the circumstance of emergency. Along these lines, it is highly unlikely conceivable that one initiative style can support the pioneer or association sail through the whole excursion. One must be exceptionally versatile and adaptable so as to make the most out of the changing conditions and circumstance. Viable pioneers consistently must be in line with the changing industry condition so as to make the association move in the privilege vital course, without versatility and adaptability the association can undoubtedly fall into the snare of repetition along these lines losing its situation of solidarity and serious edge to a conten der. Pioneers have the duty of assessing the data accessible to them, utilize their own sources to get to the base of any issue and afterward make changes in their style to suit the best methodology for additional development and advancement of the association. The main contention against the idea can be that pioneers need to exhibit determination in their demonstration to accomplish the objectives; this anyway will yield increasingly profitable outcome if pioneer is versatile and adaptable to accomplish the set objectives. Initiative can in this way the specialty of realizing when to stand firm and when to be adaptable. Number of specialists in their diary on administration has referenced that in all there are three elements which choose the kind of authority in a specific circumstance. The first being that administration must be balanced by the competency of the representatives, a low skilled worker needs more direction from the authority to exceed expectations in his activity obligations, and the other way around (Lussier Achua, 2015). The subsequent one being the dedication level the representatives have on the organization and the administration. Thirdly, the style of authority which is at long last embraced by the pioneer would likewise be influenced by the capacity of the pioneers to give such variable administration. An ongoing case of creating adaptability and flexibility in the initiative style is the present visionary and the one of the best chief of present occasions, Jeff Bezos. Jeff who began with the possibility of Amazon in the year 1994 developed from twelve of workers conveying books to in excess of 500,000 individuals selling nearly everything in very nearly 180 nations. The excursion was unquestionably a rousing one for the young and the business heads and specialists. Jeff initiative style in the beginning of his excursion with Amazon was completely unrefined, or as certain individuals call it harsh, fierce and crude, he confronted a great deal of fire because of his authority style (Johnson, 2017). The organization was confronting a great deal of difficulties because of high representative turnover and in various post employment surveys workers referenced that they are leaving the organization due to Jeffs administration style. Jeff Bezos so was occupied with being client driven tha t he totally overlooked the center quality of Amazon, its workers. Jeff was truly keen at getting the prompts and changed his administration style. He began esteeming the workers and acknowledged and roused them whe

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What Do You Want To Study?

What Do You Want To Study?Some examples of informative essay topics that are regularly asked for in business schools and academic institutions, are listed below. These topics are being generally used by students for acquiring good grades and putting their names on the student directory. You can use these topics to gain some information about yourself and your aim.Biology - One of the most exciting academic subjects for students is biology. In Biology, you will learn about the major elements and some aspects of life, all that one must know and comprehend for the life to continue. For students who want to know more about Biology and its importance, they can use the examples of informative essay topics.Bioinformatics - The subject of Information technology requires people to collect and analyze information, which is then used for use in solving problems. This information can be gathered from books or from the Internet. The topics of information may include forms of survival, the discove ry of natural resources, knowledge production, how data is classified, information services, management of information, and so on.The subject of informational essays is also wide and diverse, from general to specific. It is possible to use these topics when you want to build your skill, knowledge and understanding in any field or topic. The topics can be used to learn information about scientific methods, methodology, consequences, and so on.Science and technology - The subjects in Science and Technology are related to the various procedures involved in carrying out research and experimenting on a variety of instruments and machines. Some of the subjects that are included in this are mathematical modeling, computer programming, computer hardware, software, electric and electronic circuitry, physics, chemistry, and so on. Students can use the examples of informative essay topics to learn more about the subject.Business - There are two classes of subjects in Business - academic and ad ministrative. As per the terms of Business Administration, you should have completed a specific academic course, which is related to the business field. The subject may include accounting, marketing, finance, management, legal, business administration, accounting, marketing, legal, finance, and so on. For the purposes of Business Administration, you can also use the examples of informative essay topics for clarification of what you have studied.Marketing - In the subject of Marketing, you will learn more about how advertisements are distributed and noticed, the science of consumer behavior, the tactics of advertising, and so on. Business students who want to study marketing can apply the examples of informative essay topics for extra information. If you know what you do not know, you can at least get some information about it.These are only some of the examples of informative essay topics that are used in the academic subjects, and in many other subjects such as social studies, Engl ish, and so on. In order to find out which subject you want to study, you can check the list of academic subjects at the college or university website. You can also read through the school rules for the subjects to see what type of subjects you are allowed to study.

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2017 Best Brightest Riley Owens, Purdue University (Krannert)

2017 Best Brightest: Riley Owens, Purdue University (Krannert) by: Jeff Schmitt on April 07, 2017 | 0 Comments Comments 458 Views April 7, 2017Riley OwensPurdue University, Krannert School of ManagementHardworking, fun-loving, injury-prone individual who goes the extra mile to make people smile.Fun fact about yourself: I am an aspiring cake decorator and have made cakes in the shape of castles, cars, and the Purdue Block P.Hometown: Fort Collins, ColoradoHigh School: Rocky Mountain High SchoolMajor: Finance and EconomicsFavorite Business Courses: Money and BankingExtracurricular Activities, Community Work and Leadership Roles During College: Purdue Financial Management Association two-term president; Boiler Business Competitions founding member and former treasurer; ODIN Investment club; Westminster Retirement Community volunteer; 18-time case competition participant; tutor; campus tour guideWhere have you interned during your college career? Cummins: Off-Highway Finance Analys t, Summer 2015, Columbus, IndianaSC Johnson: Financial Planning and Analysis Intern North American Region, Summer 2016, Racine, WisconsinDescribe your dream Job: I would like to work in a small-to-mid-size consulting firm on mergers and acquisitions or strategic management. I would like to work in an environment where I have ownership over my work and can bring in creative thinking to solve business issues.Who is your favorite professor? Carol Jacobson—she continually challenges me in every course and encourages me to pursue a wide range of extracurricular activities, from case competitions to study abroad opportunities. She is one of my strongest supporters and I know I can always count on her to provide me with good, honest advice.Which executive or entrepreneur do you most admire? Warren Buffett — he started investing from an early age and spends money very wisely. Even with his fortune, he lives a very simple life and does not ever try to flaunt his success.What di d you enjoy most about majoring in a business-related field? I like that I can see connections to real-world problems from my class work. It makes classes much more relatable and encourages you to try to learn the material rather than just memorize it.Where would you like to work after graduation?  HealthScape Advisors, management consultantWhat are your long-term professional goals? I would like to work in consulting for a few years and return to school to get an MBA. After getting a MBA, I may return to the consulting field or go to a different industry, but long-term I’d like to start up a private equity fund.What advice would you give to a student looking to major in a business-related field? Stay up to date on current events through channels such as the Financial Times or Wall Street Journal, join clubs and take advantage of networking opportunities, stay in touch with professionals you meet and take an interest in their careers, and get to know your professors.â€Å" I knew I wanted to major in business when†¦my dad asked me what I wanted to do during the 2008 financial crisis. I saw on the news that everyone was losing their jobs except finance people. I didn’t know what I wanted to do at the time but I knew I wanted a job so I pursued business.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"If I didn’t major in business, I would be†¦a chemistry student trying to be like Bill Nye.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Before I entered business school, I wish I had known†¦that it’s okay to ask for help. Nobody will think down on you because you can’t do everything on your own.†What was the happiest moment of your life? The summer after my freshman year, I went on a study abroad trip to Siena, Italy. During the month-and-a-half I was there, my best friend and I traveled all over the country. My favorite place we went was Cinque Terre. We hiked and camped and ate the best seafood I’ve ever had. I have never felt more at peace than I did in Cinque Ter re, which is why it is one of my happiest moments in life.Which academic, extracurricular or personal achievement are you most proud of? After taking over presidency of the finance club, I was able to double the membership of the club through new partnerships and events and creative marketing.What animal would you choose to represent your professional brand? An otter. They can work in teams or by themselves; are incredibly resourceful and innovative; they can use resources around them to create tools to help them; and they are incredibly cute and fun-loving.Who would you most want to thank for your success? My brother — he has never stopped pushing me to do better than he did or than I think I can do on my own. He always encourages me to do what makes me happy but wants me to push myself and not limit my abilities.What would you like your business school peers to say about you after you graduate from this program? I’d like to be remembered for always taking on challeng es with a positive, can-do attitude. I want to be remembered as someone who always embraced difficult times and remained calm and collected when faced with adversity.Favorite book: FreakonomicsFavorite movie: Any of the â€Å"Star Wars† moviesFavorite musical performer: Ke$haFavorite vacation spot: Cinque Terre, ItalyWhat are your hobbies? Reading, exercise, going on trips to cities, wandering through national parksWhat made Riley such an invaluable addition to the Class of 2017?â€Å"Riley Owens is an energetic senior who takes a lead in engaging students in signature learning opportunities outside of the classroom, including case competitions. Prior to May graduation, Riley will have competed in 17 case competitions.   On his teams, he has a reputation as being an analytical and results-focused leader with expertise in finance.At Krannert, Riley collaborates with his peers and multiple partners to strengthen and grow participation in the case competition community. He an d other leaders collaborated with multiple partners to create 1,000 hours of research and case analysis practice for the fall semester. In conjunction with the case practice, the participants donated more than 190 hours to provide support to two Indiana-based nonprofits.Riley has participated on numerous teams through his active membership in organizations and clubs. While serving in a leadership role with the finance club, he baked 45 cakes to serve at club events. The cake project helped the club increase attendance at programs and grow membership.Riley’s Boilermaker spirit shines in a photo stretched across a city bus to promote the university. He has served as a Purdue Ambassador, providing tours for over 750 prospective students and families.Riley Owens is a remarkable and mature student who has contributed much to the Krannert and Purdue culture through his leadership and actions. He has utilized his innovative and resourceful leadership style to engage multiple student s into new learning opportunities. Riley and his colleagues in the case community have worked collectively to broaden real-life learning opportunities for themselves, others and future Boilermakers.†Melissa Evens Director of the Leadership Communication Studio and Undergraduate Scholarships Purdue University, Krannert School of ManagementDONT MISS: THE FULL HONOR ROLL: THE BEST BRIGHTEST UNDERGRADUATE BUSINESS MAJORS OF 2017 Page 1 of 11